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Tuesday, June 23rd (Amy Jensen)

It’s just about bedtime on Day 2 and it’s hard to believe we are only at our 2nd day with all the fun we’ve already had!  This morning we had another fabulous meal (And did I mention the latte delivery? Yes, that’s right you can have a latte delivered to your door at your pre arranged time!  Divine. Who ever had camp like this?).  After breakfast, it was time for our Morning Gathering where we were treated again to the talents of Shirley and Sylvia and their joyous music.  We worshipped together in the sunshine and talked about the fruits of the spirit, enjoying the time to get centered and ready for the day.
Throughout the day there was so much to do.  Some met for early morning Tai Chi, some were able to join Pastor John Dodson for a talk about Pentecost. There was lots of swimming and sunshine, time for walks in these beautiful woods, and I spotted many relaxed campers sitting quietly with a book, a project, or a quiet conversation. The craft shack is in full swing — we’ve done some candle making, T-Shirt painting, and some other very creative and fun projects. Ask Shirley to show you how to make a Glove-o-phone.  You’ll be glad you did.
Tonight was another amazing dinner — We’ve got plenty of hungry campers here at Camp Lodestar!  And again, dinner was followed by an inspiring night of songs and a dance, and wonderful lessons from scripture.  We all caught the Holy Spirit (ask someone who was here about the great game we played!) and then, sat by the campfire for some more singing, discussion, and relaxation.  What a beautiful way to end the evening.
The stars are shining so brightly now, it seems a shame to go to bed.  But that latte is coming early and there will be so much more to come tomorrow.


Monday, June 22nd (Amy Jensen)

Greetings from Camp Lodestar!

We arrived this afternoon and were greeted first thing with a warm welcome, smiling faces, and fresh ice cold lemonade made with love and lemons straight from the Alvey Family lemon tree!  What a treat.
After finding our accommodations and settling in, we all came together for a delicious welcome dinner prepared by the wonderful staff here at Camp Lodestar. If you thought camp food would be blah, think again!  We all had our fill of some wonderful food, and then the group gathered under the trees for music and singing.  We are very blessed to have the amazing duo of Shirley and Sylvia playing music and leading us in song.  Many many thanks to them for singing their hearts out for us every morning and evening!
In addition to the music, we had wonderful discussion and food for our souls.  We listened and talked about the fruits of the spirit.  We had readings and reenactment of some readings from Paul’s letters.  We even had a bit of drama to go along with the night’s activities.  Wow, do we have some fabulous actors and dancers among us – Can’t wait for the next show!

It’s so peaceful here and we are grateful for the chance to feel close to God in this beautiful setting.  By the end of the night there had been much chatting and catching up among old friends. We all met some new friends too!  Some of us have been coming to church camp for 20+ years, some of us are here for the first time ever. And how blessed we all feel to be here together.


The 2015 Camp is off and running!

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