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Thursday, June 25th (Amy Jensen)

The “fruits” we focused on today during our Morning Gathering were kindness and generosity.  How wonderful it was to hear the many examples shared about how we can be kind and generous to one another, like Paul wrote about.  We had great fun during an activity where we learned a little bit about each other’s likes and dislikes.  We found out which ones of us are morning people and which are are night owls.  Some are football fans and some are definitely not. Some love to eat bacon, others not so much. And we learned that we only have one non chocolate lover among the entire group!  It was a fun way to remind us that while we may not all have the same interests or preferences, we can all still get along and be kind to one another, the way Jesus taught us.
After the gathering, we all set off on various adventures as it was “free day” here at camp.  Some went off exploring the surrounding area, and others stayed here at camp to enjoy the beautiful grounds.  I heard mention of several naps!  When we came back together for the evening, we were all excited to welcome many new campers and families who drove up today.
Lots of animal sightings have been reported here at camp, including:
A mama deer and baby fawn over near I-house
A frog jumping across the gravel path heading toward the playground
A wild turkey in the meadow near the pool
Another deer in the woods behind Toad Hall
-And loads of free range children all over the grounds!

Wednesday, June 24th (Amy Jensen)

Wednesday morning brought fresh faced campers (thank you latte deliverers!) again to the dining hall to start the day with another incredible breakfast served up by the Lodestar staff.
In our Morning Gathering today, Jomary led us in further discussion about the fruits of the spirit. Wednesday’s focus is on peace, and I think we all definitely left with a sense of peace as we all set out for our various activities of the day.
We had swim lessons for many of the children, two more fantastic meals, and plenty of snacks from the snack shack to keep us going.  It has been warm up here at camp, and that ice cream, lemonade and other assorted treats have sure been appreciated by all!   Later in the day after our Evening Gathering, we had many groups playing together for Game Night.  There was sharing of new games, playing old familiar ones, and teaching some of the kids (and some “grown ups” too) a few new tricks. A highlight for a lot of the little ones was having the chance to be part of the “Big Kid” group!
It’s been another wondrous day here at Camp Lodestar.  Sharing meals, worship and music morning and evening, getting to know each other better and sharing the fruits of our spirits in this beautiful setting- What could be better?